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Best co-working space you ever went to and why?


Dipos oleh Hi HOME pada Oktober 8, 2020
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We love the idea of coworking but never seem to find a space we enjoy or even tolerate going to! We love working from cafes but don’t like the inconvenience of having to sort out our stuff when going to the toilet or feeling like we’re overstaying our welcome. 

The atmosphere in the coworking spaces we’ve been to has been the main reason we don’t like them – that feeling of being in an office! 

So for us, the best coworking space has to be a mixture of all these:

  1. Offers flexibility and cost savings

A great co-working space must have the ability to let us pay for space we only need. If we’re freelancers, we should be able to have (at least) enough hot desks. If we were an established team, we should be able to have a dedicated desk private office. 

In addition to this, we also love it when the co-working space has all the basic amenities at a reasonable price. RM500 per month is the maximum price for a hot desk, don’t you think?


  1. Access to shared and private spaces

It goes without saying that a great co-working space should provide all amenities in a standard office – but at a lower overhead cost typically associated with opening an office space of your own.

It should have bookable conference rooms, meeting rooms, and studios should we need one. 

  1. Designed for enhanced productivity

We definitely think great coworking spaces should be intentionally designed to optimize productivity. Background music must be on-point, it must provide enough natural light, and have moderated air temperatures – not too cold and not too hot.

It also must have other customers to serve as a reference point for tracking your own productivity so that we feel a little bit guilty when we’re busy browsing through memes in 9GAG instead of working. 


  1. Central location

This is very important, especially if you’re going to have a lot of meetings! A great coworking space should be located in a central location, in the heart of the business towns, and offers various options for transportation.

  1. Has networking and community events

In the business world, networking is paramount to success. Therefore a great coworking space should be able to provide you the ability to connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t meet. Part of this comes from working alongside new people every day, but elements of a community are also built into workspace solutions like one we recently found in at Plaza Damas, Hartamas.

These events could potentially help you to turn those introductions into lasting relationships—and possibly new business.

So how about you? What is the best co-working space you’ve ever been to and why?

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