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Datuk Chung Chee Leong: Home Financing – Making it Affordable #HiHOME #HiHOME2019

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Kuala Lumpur:  Within the Malaysian Housing Finance Ecosystem, there are parties such as Authorities and Regulators, Financial Institutions/Lenders & Housing Developers. He explained that Cagamas plays a big part in this ecosystem. They have refinanced a total of 2 Million Homes over the last 32 years. From his view, in terms of affordability, it matters not so much the price of the house but the income and affordability of the people. 

Datuk Chung moved into the Mortgage Guarantee under Skim Rumah Pertamaku & Skim Perumahan Belia to aid the individual. This scheme has also allowed 23,000 Malaysians to attain a place they can call home.  Data shared showed that from all these individuals, 76% falls under B40 group (based on the new definition) under the previous definition, this same group was at 99%. 

The next scheme he shared was a Shared Equity Scheme where you will be eligible if you get 80% mortgage financing and 20% equity financing. This was followed by Datuk Chung sharing on the viability of Rent-To-Own Schemes. 

He shared that Millenials are not as interested in owning a house, as compared to the desire to travel and own gadgets. Only 1 out of 3 millennials can afford houses and 26% of the Malaysian Workforce are freelancers with little to no financial records. 

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Moving Forward: Sustainability Focused

Datuk Chung said that green efforts will pave the way for the future. Green Houses that subscribe to sustainable materials & sustainable construction practices are eco-friendly. Hence, those that stay in the greenhouse should be eligible for a lower rate of interest.

Datuk Chung stressed that House ownership should be viewed as a long term commitment that ultimately leads to wealth creation. Alternatively, rental is also a viable option. In terms of government intervention, there is an urgent need for provision of social housing and fixed rate financing suitable for B40 Group. 

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