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Detect These 8 Defects When You Inspect Your New Home

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There’s no faster way to put out the fire of passionate homeowners ready to move in and decorate their newly obtained homes than to discover underlying defects in various parts of the house.

Unexpected home defects are a typical source of stress and early disappointment for those who skip the checklist we are about to share with you.

Developers are obligated to remedy any arising issues during the moving in process and account for any expenses involved.

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This is why home buyers are required to inspect their respective premises in detail within the first 24 months of receiving the keys to their residence.

Within our experience at Hartabumi, we’ve seen people turn a blind eye in this area far too often. We hope this list helps you prevent these small but critical mishaps from disrupting your solitary moving in experience.

Detect These 8 Defects When You Inspect Your New Home

1. Doors
As obvious as this may be, this is often overlooked. Make sure all the doors are inspected. The house entrance, the bedroom doors, the toilet doors, and any other door attached to those hinges (check those too!).

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We also recommend checking the door knobs as well as whether you can lock these doors or not. The important aspect here is security.

Make sure you can lock (and unlock!) the doors and that the integrity of the doors is capable of keeping you and your belongings safe.

2. Tiles
Lets just say that you should dedicate time to literally ‘knock’ on each tile and making sure that no hollow sounds are emitted in the process. You may utilize a coin or screwdriver to tap on the surfaces and be sure to do so without damaging the tiles.

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Take note of any cracks or loose fitting tiles and inform your developers as soon as possible so they may attend to them.

3. Electricity
Examine all switch, sockets and make sure that all of your house fittings are functioning. This applies to light switches, fans, water heaters and any electrical sockets found inside and outside the premises of your house.

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Make sure there switches are not cracked or loose. Take critical note of any wiring issues and make sure they are all sorted out before you start living in the house.

4. Water Metre

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Test out all the taps, shower heads and flushes. Make sure all these basic amenities are ‘fluid’. Maintain a cautious eye for leakages from any visible piping you can scout.

Do the same for the walls, floors and ceilings and take note if there are any drainage issues as well. It is equally important that water flows out as much as it flows in.

To inspect the water metre, what you can do is check the reading and filling up the water tank. Once its full, the metre should stop.

If the metre is still running, then you may have to report to your developer to locate and fix the leak in your waterworks.

5. Windows & Sliding Doors
Make sure all the windows are capable of opening and closing. If you have to struggle or apply excessive force to open them then you may want to highlight that later.

6. Stairs
Whatever the architecture of your house, make sure the stairs are safe, solid and in good condition. Try strolling up and down the stairs to make sure there are no signs of deterioration.

7. Walls
Walls are an integral part of the structure of you house. There have been cases of walls with cracks running all the way from the floor to the ceiling of the house! Keep an eye out for any issues with uneven walls.

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8. Keys
Last but not least, check the keys. Make sure you have the corresponding keys to each door, window and sliding door so you always have access to your home spaces.

Our final word of advice is to duplicate the original keys at your local locksmith for cases of emergency.

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