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How this Malaysian Purchased his First Property Within 1 Year!

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This young man shared his experience in purchasing his first property in eight months! You can watch the whole interview in the video below.

Q1: Hello, Can you please introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Sazali Khairuzzaman and I am 30 years old. I am an Engineer based in Shah Alam.

Sazali Khairuzzaman, Engineer

Q2: How did you find out about Hartabumi?

I discovered Hartabumi through their Facebook page as well as their Telegram account.

Q3: How long have you been following Hartabumi?

I have been following Hartabumi account for about a year now.

Q4: How has Hartabumi helped you?

I have learned many things from them such as how to buy a house and how to select locations to review houses.

Credit : Gilahartanah

Q5: Have you purchased your house?

Alhamdullillah, I have purchased my house.

Q6: Can you share the process involved in your purchase?

I bought a SelangorKu house. So, I visited the SelangorKu site via the LHPS website and that’s where I applied to purchase a house in Semenyih, South of Kajang.

It took about eight months for my application and Alhamdullillah, I managed to receive the offer to make the purchase.

Credit : The Star

Q7: Were there any challenges throughout this process?

So basically, there were a few challenges. First were the bank loans. I had to go through multiple banks to get my loan approved as the bank will check the Debt Service Ratio (DSR) of an individual to determine whether the loan can be approved.

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After my housing loan was approved, I had to acquire the Sales & Purchase Agreement. Once the S&P Agreements were signed, we moved to the payment progress.

Q8: Were there any other challenges you encountered?

Basically, back to square one. It comes back to the finances of a person. Certain people can’t purchase a house because their financial condition doesn’t allow them to do so.

Credit : Majalah Labur

Secondly, the rates of the DSR set by the bank. The banks will assess the individuals DSR Rates, and a rate that is deemed high is viewed as a risk in terms of repayment of the loan. Third, is the lifestyle choices of a person.

These lifestyle choices also increase the need for additional loans such as loans to purchase a phone, personal loans and credit cards.

Q9: Do you have any final words of Advice to other potential homeowners?

I would like to  advise all potential homeowners to carefully plan out their finances in detail because this is a crucial aspect in purchasing the house. The banks will look at your DSR Rates to determine our eligibility in purchasing  a house.

Q10: Can you share something about the PR1MA House promotion to our followers?

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