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DeBunga Residensi

Harga Dari RM 2,400,000 RM 2,160,000.00 - 10 % Diskaun Bumiputera
Pendapatan Sesuai (More than RM 8001)

4 - 5   4 - 5    2
Leasehold /

Jalan Taman Zooview Taman Zooview Ampang Jaya Selangor Malaysia, 68000 ,

Jenis Hartanah:
Status Geran: Individual
Tahun Siap: 2017

Jenis Unit: Intermediate
Saiz Binaan: 3802 - 4077 sq. ft.

Kolam Renang
Club House
Kawalan 24jam

Maklumat DeBunga Residensi

DeBunga takes shape from an idea both breathtakingly simple and singular. Semi-detached and bungalow garden homes, 207 altogether, featured in 9 exquisite designs, 3 stories high, and generously laid-out.

Each set in its own generous plot and linked by paved pathways to reach the centre gardens and community facilities. The gardens must be so accessible, residents need only walk 5 minutes and they’re there.

The gardens are imaginatively and immaculately conceived. Giggling water accompanies the walk along the Canal stream. Different bridges make interesting crossings. A profusion of flowers fills a moat. Community bicycles encourage rides along a footpath. Nooks in tree perches make rest stops fun. The Clubhouse has every conceivable facility. And the shimmering infinity pool ends in a floating pavilion.


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