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NODORUS Precinct 17 @ Shah Alam

Harga Dari RM 593,000 RM 551,490.00 -890000 7 % Diskaun Bumiputera
Pendapatan Sesuai (Between RM 4001 to RM 8000)

4   3   2
Freehold /

Jalan Setia Murni U13/52 Selangor Malaysia, 40170 ,

Jenis Hartanah:
Status Geran: Individual
Tahun Siap: 2018

Jenis Unit: Intermediate
Saiz Binaan: 1742 - 1850 sq. ft.

Laluan Joging
Taman Permainan
Kawalan 24jam

Maklumat NODORUS Precinct 17 @ Shah Alam

A sweet retreat for family and loved ones. With the green expanse of urban gardens at your doorstep, colour your lives and enjoy every moment in togetherness. An additional family room upstairs spur shared experiences and lets daily life and stresses fade away in the warm glow of family.

Four bedrooms set throughout the home with an additional family room upstairs brings out the best in family kinship and rapport. Be bold and dream big in this smartly designed home. Do what you like best with complete abandon – let your thoughts, emotions and joy roam free in this secure neighbourhood of distinctively designed homes.


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