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Rimbun Irama

Harga Dari RM 762,681 RM 686,412.90 -1621692 10 % Diskaun Bumiputera
Pendapatan Sesuai (Between RM 4001 to RM 8000)

4   3 - 4   2
Freehold /

Jalan Mantau Indah 8 Seremban Negeri Sembilan Malaysia, 70200 ,

Jenis Hartanah:
Status Geran: Individual
Tahun Siap: 2018

Jenis Unit: Intermediate
Saiz Binaan: 2224 - 2451 sq. ft.

Taman Permainan
Kawalan 24jam

Maklumat Rimbun Irama

Rimbun Irama, a portrait of tranquility, where worries break down and possibilities fly. So take a moment. Pause. Enjoy beauty. And breathe in the vigour of life, once more. With only 183 homes, you have better living place. Here, you can always come home to renew your spirit and reawaken your senses again.

Find the joy of discovery, at your own pace and with nature. Because when you’re living in a space within its confines, it’s only a matter to time that your senses will be reawakened by its invigorating yet pure energy.

Everyone needs a moment like this! Make every day a bewilderment. Make friends with new possibilities. Most of all, make life whole again.

Catch the wind in your face, hide and seek in your lush green playground. So play any way you like.

Lie back, dream and discover the essence of life in harmony with the world.


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