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The Two

Harga Dari RM 420,000 RM 399,000.00 - 5 % Diskaun Bumiputera
Pendapatan Sesuai (Between RM 4001 to RM 8000)

Freehold /

Jalan Ke 4/2 Kota Emerald Rawang Selangor Malaysia, 48000 ,

Jenis Hartanah:
Status Geran: Master
Tahun Siap: 2017

Jenis Unit: Intermediate
Saiz Binaan: 48 - 2999 sq. ft.

Kawalan 24jam

Maklumat The Two

The TWO – Capitalise Malaysia Tourism Boom
The TWO is unique and possesses competitive advantages which would be difficult to be duplicated elsewhere because of its location, size and business model. We are creating a completely new industry through fundamental differentiation. In contrast to other malls, which are primarily directed at the neighbourhood market within their neighbourhood area, we provide our tenants with a constant stream of neighbourhood, non-neighbourhood, local and international tourist shoppers. It is hard to come by such a location, with easy access, close proximity to PJ & KL and a business model of this kind.

The TWO Phase 1A
i. Tourist Hub with a focus on food & beverages and
products for tourists
ii. Wholesale Outlets
iii. Indoor & Outdoor Theme Parks

The TWO Phase 1B
Proposed Hotel, Serviced Residences & Showroom Office

The TWO – Where else could you capture a huge flow of tourists & Malaysia customers?
The largest wholesale city, outlet mall, tourist mall & food haven
Largest indoor international theme park in South-East Asia, outdoor international theme park & water theme park
15-20 minutes from Rawang Toll to Duta Toll, Damansara Toll or Bukit Jelutong Toll
Close proximity to KL & PJ where highest average income population concentrate
Prominently fronting the North-South Expressway and very close to Rawang toll
3.5 million residents within 30km radius (2010)
7 million population in KL & Selangor (2010)
24.7 million tourists (2011); 36 million tourists by 2020

The TWO – Tourists Hub & Food Haven
There comes a time when one has to travel all across the country to bring home famous local produce of certain towns or cities.
The TWO will feature a single platform for all Malaysian local produce, delicacies, fruits, souvenirs, art, etc.

The diverse ethnicity of Malaysians bursting with a variety of cultures from different states will all be brought together in a single location. The Two offers a food haven where the best of Malaysian signature dishes and favourites are all gathered in one place for a fantastic dining experience. With so many varieties of Malaysian cuisine and specialties from every state, this will be a one-stop food destination for both locals and tourists to enjoy a melting pot of colourful flavours from fine Chinese dishes to spicy and piquant Malay, Indian and East Malaysian fare.

Set within a beautiful landscape, with everything from fast food, authentic traditional dishes to international cuisine, and a wide choice from fine restaurants to upbeat eateries and food courts, it is a dining experience to be savoured at leisure.

The TWO – 5 Star Resort Integrated with Outlet Shopping, Fun & Food
There are Outdoor, semi-outdoor and indoor theme parks with exhilarating water rides and adventure sports form the Theme Park Resort. A wonderland of adventure and discovery under one roof with uniquely designed beautiful landscaping, there’s bound to be something for everyone in the family, young or old.


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